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29 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles

29 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles Hyderabd040-395603080 June 18, 2019

Make way for women “where no man has gone before!” Going to space is a fantasy of mine that may never happen. But, these hairstyles sure give me a slice of the galaxy! Have you seen pictures of multiple hair colors that look like if you just added stars to them, they would look like a galaxy? That’s the galaxy hair color trend, and it is mesmerizing!

What Is The Galaxy Hair Trend?

Galaxy hair is a blend of colors space-inspired colors like blues, greens, purples, and pinks. It can be a mix of just two colors or as many as six – it’s left to you and your colorist.

Intrigued? Check out these styles to get some inspiration!

29 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles

1. Blue And Pink

Pink and blue have always been a stellar combination. If you take a look at the galaxy images on Google, you’d say the universe agrees with us. This galaxy blend is more on the lighter side, which makes it perfect for women with fair skin tones. Add a bit of white to the mix to highlight the pink and blue.

2. Purple Dimensional With A Bit Of Blue

Purple hair has been turning the world upside down. Whether it is bright purple, amethyst, or lilac, all women want to get on the purple hair train. Give your purple dimension a galaxy twist by adding some blue to it.

3. Spring Galaxy

This unique galaxy blend reminds me of a meadow. Its combination of green, yellow, and pink is gorgeous, to say the least. This is a brilliant color blend to flaunt during spring, when nature is blooming.

4. Intense Pastel Shades

Pink and purple make for an evergreen combination. Pink signifies femininity while purple signifies energy. Why not incorporate the growing trend of pastel shades into this blend? It’ll leave you with this stunning muted ice-cream mix!

5. Candied Galaxy

Have you ever seen a galaxy look so candy-like? While I’ve always seen galaxy images with more deeper shades, I think this blend really brings the fun to the galaxy hair trend.

6. Rainbow Galaxy

If you love colors, why limit your hair to only a few? Opt for this stunning rainbow galaxy blend to embrace ALL the colors you love. However, speak to a hairstylist first to figure out which shades and colors will suit you best.

7. Forest Galaxy

Have you seen a green galaxy? If not, I urge you to Google it. It looks super beautiful. You can just feel the calm emanating from this color blend. If you’ve got a forest spirit, this is the perfect galaxy look for you.

8. Colored Bangs

Red, orange, and blue come together to form this stunning recreation of a beautiful galaxy. All you need are some stars, and you are ready to blast off into space! If you just want a shock of color at the front of your hair, go for this look.

9. Beachy Galaxy

When I was a kid, I would go up to the terrace and imagine that the clouds were rabbits, ice creams, and what not. Soon, I started thinking about what the Milky Way looks like and, for some reason, imagined it like the beach. Well, now I know what that looks like! If you have blonde hair and love green, this color blend is for you!

10. Striped Galaxy

If you are unsure about mixing colors in your hair, opt for a striped look. You can work with two or three shades until you are sure about taking the plunge into full-blown galaxy hair colors.

11. Unicorn Galaxy

Unicorns are out of this world – just like galaxies! It comes as no surprise that someone put them together to create this ethereal and gorgeous combo.

12. Multi-Galaxy

There are around 2 billion to 2 trillion galaxies that we know of. If you imagine all of them together, this is probably what they’d look like. This hair color blend is super colorful and vibrant. It is sure to infuse new life into dull hair!

13. Summer Galaxy

This galaxy color blend is perfect for flaunting during the summer. The colors are earthy and bright, so they’ll blend in well with the summery theme. You can also try out this look in autumn as it makes use of orange.

14. Blonde To Purple Ombré

This ombré combo has many women weak in their knees, and rightfully so. Use the ombré technique to blend blonde, pink, and purple together and create this bright taste of galaxy!

15. Cool Galaxy

If you have cool-toned skin, this look is for you! Green, purple, blue, and red come together to create this delectable galaxial hair mix. It is a color blend that is truly out of this world!

16. Bright Unicorn

Do you often feel like a purely happy soul? Are you always trying to see the bright side of things? Do you try to make everyone happy? Then, flaunt your unicorn spirit with this bright galaxy blend. Wear your heart on your sleeve and your inner unicorn on your hair!

17. Galaxial Blend

If you look up galaxy images, chances are you’ll see a lot of pink and purple galaxies. They look indescribable and may just make you believe in a higher power. So, take that immense feeling and recreate it on your hair. You won’t be disappointed!

18. Muted Galaxy

If bright colors are not your thing but you’d love to try out galaxy hair, opt for this muted galaxial combo. You don’t need to try as many shades as pictured here, but do try to step a little bit outside your comfort zone.

19. Intense Galaxy

Intense shades are more dramatic than bright shades. They add a slight smokey feel to your hair. If you like that, this look is your slice of heaven! Go intense this winter with this galaxy color blend, and catch everyone’s eye!

20. Pink And Orange

If you have ever seen a twilight sky with shooting stars, you are probably reminiscing about it when looking at this picture. Whoever said orange and pink don’t go hand in hand was just not creative!

21. Warm Galaxy

If you have warm-toned skin, this color blend is for you. The colors here are perfect for summer too. It’s no surprise why this is a trending combo. The colors look super warm and lovely and bring joy to anyone who sees it!

22. Patchy Galaxy

Along with the striped hair work, you can also see patches of color splashed all over this model’s hair. If you really want to take risks and go all out, this patchy galaxy blend is for you!

23. Phoenix Shades

Out from the ashes rises another phoenix! The phoenix is a mythological creature that is other-worldly. Combine a phoenix and a galaxy to create this blend, which, quite frankly, looks ethereal.

24. Warm Bright Galaxy

Only the best for your hair! Green, pink, red, and yellow come together to give us this surreal galaxy blend. Accessorize it with some small beads to channel the energy of stars, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Truly stunning!

25. Oceanic Galaxy

Have you ever seen the ocean at twilight? Blue, pink, and purple merge with the sunlight to form a blend exactly like this one. It is so serene and beautiful that all you’ll want to do is stare at it. In the midst of all the chaos of the world, take some serenity with you wherever you go with this color blend.

26. Grungy Galaxy

To all the ladies out there who love rock n’ roll, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! This galaxial blend is perfect for you. It is bright and punk without looking too over the top. You will need to keep your skin tone and undertone in mind when trying this blend.

27. Fiery Galaxy

If God is a woman, the galaxies will look something like this! Let your fierceness show with this blend of galaxy colors. Red, orange, and pink come together to give us this womanly blend.

28. Peacock Galaxy

The peacock is truly a majestic creature. Take that awesomeness to your locks with this blend of colors and floor everyone! The best thing about this color combo is that it works for all seasons!

29. Pure Galaxial Blend

Blue and red are the most common galaxy colors. They also blend together extremely well, which makes them a natural pairing. Opt for a dimensional blend of these two shades to them look more natural on your hair.

The galaxy hair trend is here to stay, and it’s only getting bigger by the minute. So, get on board and book your hair appointment today! Which one of these galaxy blends do you want to try out? Comment below and let us know!

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