Best Swimsuits on Sale Summer 2019

If you’re like me, you’ve likely spent the Summer saving pictures of your dream swimsuits to a wish list on Instagram, without ever purchasing one. I’m finally ready to make the jump on buying a couple, for one good reason: they’re all on sale! Sometimes, shopping late and waiting until the end of the season can save you tons of money — so much that maybe you can even buy two for the price of one.

That being said, finding the perfect match isn’t easy. I went on a mission to uncover the best of the best that you can shop on major discount right now. I was blown away that I found pieces from brands like Reformation to Solid & Striped for just a fraction of the price. You won’t want to drag your feet, though, because just like any good deal, sizes are already selling fast. Hurry and shop our 27 top picks ahead.

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