Engagement Ring Ideas That Are Out-of-the-Box Extraordinary

These days, when we talk about unique engagement rings, we aren’t just referencing rose gold bands. The 2020 bride, especially when interested in fashion, seems to want more than a classic diamond. Believe it or not, it’s way more “on trend” to search for something that resembles an eye-catching cocktail ring, because women desire to stand out, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We talked to Caitlin Mociun, founder of fine jewelry brand Mociun, about the interesting turn, mostly because she’s one of the leaders in the “dare to be different” phase we’re entering in the jewelry world. Caitlin’s number one tip for being bold? Play around with sapphires:

“[Sapphires] come in almost every color of the rainbow. We seek out the most interesting shapes and colors, like bicolor or kaleidoscope. They’re the most versatile stone type that’s appropriate for engagement rings because they’re almost as durable as diamonds, so a safe choice for daily wear. Plus, many of our sapphires are ethically mined in Montana’s Rock Creek region and considered fair trade,” Caitlin said, speaking about her own collection.

After scoping out the current market we found she wasn’t wrong — there are a whole lot of interesting designs out there that center around sapphire stones. But there are plenty more nontraditional details to look for — and Caitlin’s naming her favorite ahead. Take it from a pro, if you want to impress with your sparkler, look for all of the below, and none of what you’ve already seen before.

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