The 10 Best London Based Fashion Bloggers To Follow RN

The internet is absolutely saturated with fashion/lifestyle Instagrammers from around the world, but your newest follow might just be someone in your own backyard. With London being one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion capitals (and blogging being the #1 career for every self proclaimed fashionista), it’s no surprise that our city is brimming with national and international fashion bloggers. To differentiate themselves and their brands, influencers are relaunching their fashion blogs as well-thought-out lifestyle platforms discussing fashion, beauty and travel as well as topics such as photography, feminism and self-confidence. And while the list of blogs keeps growing, we’ve rounded up the ten best London based fashion bloggers worth following right now.

Catarina Mira

Originally from Portugal, Catarina Mira teaches us a lesson in timeless dressing. Everything she wears from oversized linen shirts and tailored suits, to slip dresses and separates can be added to your forever wardrobe, though that doesn’t mean she styles them in a boring way, far from it.

Bettina Looney

We’re addicted to influencer and entrepreneur (she runs a personal styling business) Bettina  Looney‘s unapologetically feminine style. Expect to see dresses, colours and bold prints aplenty, with a smattering of red lipstick and statement jewellery for good measure.

Anna Vitiello

Follow editor and writer Anna Vitiello for a daily dose of Italian maximalist style. We love her retro take on trends, from structural heels to straw hats and blazers to headscarfs. More is definitely more.

Miss Gunner

Originally from Thailand and currently alternating between London and Sydney, Ashley Schuberg combines her passion for fashion and travel on ‘Miss Gunner’. Next to writing weekly blog posts and editing the occasional vlog, Ashley is forever showing off bare legs, an amazing tan and her incredible collection of dressed up two pieces on Instagram.

Freddie Harrel

There are three things that immediately make you want to follow Freddie Harrel: her amazing hair, her broad smile and her immaculate fashion sense. The latter is the result of Freddie not only being a fashion stylist, but also a confidence consultant who dares to go bold with bright colours, prints and metallics – outfit essentials she continuously shares on ‘Freddie Harrel’.

Estée Lalonde

After moving from Canada to London for love, Estée Lalonde quickly became one of the UK’s most renowned lifestyle influencers. The success of her blog resulted in a YouTube channel, a podcasts series called ‘The Heart of It’ and a book titled ‘Bloom’. Seven years later Estée’s favourite topic still remains beauty, but she has an undeniably good eye for delicate jewellery and knitted jumpers.

Sophie Milner

Joining her fashion sense and writing skills, freelance journalist Sophie Milner successfully launched ‘Fashion Slave’, a platform that discusses topics such as relationships, feminism, beauty and fashion. In addition to creating content for her blog and YouTube channel, she also co-hosts a podcast series called ‘Keeping It Candid’ while regularly uploading high street branded outfits on Instagram – plaid, faux fur and retro sunglasses guaranteed.

Erica Aulds

Her Instagram bio may read ‘Texas raised, London based’, but in reality lifestyle blogger Erica Aulds is always on the go. Combining her love for travel and fashion she launched ‘Erie Nick’, a blog dedicated to delivering inspiring everyday content – from tips for weekend trips to Paris and The Cotswolds to the best plaid pantsuits, spring sweaters and occasion dresses.

The Frugality

Alexandra Stedman is a pro in putting together wearable and affordable outfits. The freelance fashion editor and new mum is currently renovating a London townhouse – you can already catch glimpses of her Pinterest inspired bedroom, bathroom and study on ‘The Frugality’ – but that doesn’t keep her from sharing her love for cosy jumpers, Vans trainers and headwear.

Lydia Elise Millen

Almost as iconic as her nude lip, is Lydia Elise Millen’s wardrobe. The lifestyle blogger has an amazing handbag collection that includes Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Metis, Fendi’s Peekaboo and Dior’s Lady Dior – only to name a few. Lydia loves a good staple – her black jeans, white button down shirts and beige trousers are repeatedly on display on her blog – and as you can tell from looking at her Instagram feed, she has a soft spot for neutral tones.

We Are Twinset

London based stylists and friends Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom founded ‘We Are Twinset’ as online destination for your daily dose of outfit inspiration. Often in matching sets, Sarah and Philippa combine both wearable everyday high street and high end items while posing in the streets of Kensington. Other topics that they explore on their blog are beauty, travel and interior.

Juliet Angus

Celebrity stylist turned fashion blogger Juliet Angus might have swapped LA and NYC for London, but that certainly doesn’t mean she left behind her splendid style. Juliet perfectly manages to spice up our city’s casual street wear with some NYC glam – think green jumpsuits and white cowboy boots or track pants with sequined jackets.

Lizzy Hadfield

Merging her passion for fashion with photography, Lizzy Hadfield launched ‘Shot From The Street’, a fashion blog with outfit posts shot on a 35 mm film to recreate the same vintage vibe that influences her style. Funky sunglasses, mom jeans and plain tees are Lizzy’s go-to, items she also spotlights in the ‘Testing Basics’, ‘Haul’ and ‘Lookbook’ series on her YouTube channel.

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