The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 1



The festive season is all about giving and showing appreciation towards the ones you love, and what better way to do both than by giving a thoughtful gift. We know the Christmas season can be a little stressful and coming up with gift ideas isn’t always the easiest task. We have done the hard work for you and created a list of Christmas gift ideas for her that she’s sure to love.


Trendy Must-Haves

So she hinted to you that she’d really like new clothes but you don’t know where to start. Well whether she’s after the perfect dress, a cute top or a wonderfully warm jumper, we’ve got you covered. These looks are all so simple that you can’t possibly go wrong. Yet they include fine details in the designs that really make them sweet and sophisticated. The woman you’re buying for is sure to love at least one of these. Just remember to keep her style and body shape in mind when choosing which one will suit her best.



You want to get her jewellery, but something that she’ll actually wear. Well, try going for a bold statement piece that she can wear out, rather than something dainty and simple that might end up sitting at the bottom of her jewellery box. Whether you’re looking for some cool earrings or an edgy necklace, we’ve got you covered for any kind of girl. She’ll usually have a preference between gold and silver, so be sure to pay attention to the jewellery that she’s currently wearing to help make the decision easier for you.


Whether she’s funky and fun or sophisticated with expensive taste, one of these styles will be perfect. After all, a girl can never have too many bags. These different designs also come in an array of different colours to choose from, so before you buy, flesh out what kind of hues she usually wears and pick the perfect bag to match. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but bags are a close second, women rely on them to stash away their essentials when they go out. They’re practical, as much as they are stylish, so just remember, you can never go wrong when getting a bag.



No matter what her makeup needs, you can never go wrong with a kit. They offer so much variety, whether you choose one that focuses on one area of the face, such as a lip kit, or whether you get one that has a little bit of everything. After all, it’s better to get it all than to miss out on the one thing she really needed. Woman love experimenting with makeup and finding new products that suit their skin needs, but if you’re scared she won’t like it, try snooping through her makeup bag when she’s not looking. If there’s one product that she seems to use over others than you know where to look to make her happy.

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Skincare products can really show that you have a good understanding of the person you’re buying them for if you can meet there needs. You also have an abundance of options to choose from, as skincare can do a combination of different things from moisturising to making the skin appear more youthful. Go for the products she usually uses or for one of these professional skincare labels. This is a personal gift for skincare enthusiast that you know will appreciate it.

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Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are always the best kind. They show that you went the extra mile when purchasing whatever it is. Plus, monogramming has recently become very popular, therefore, the possibilities are endless as to what you can get. Just to name a few, there are purses, bags, phone cases, and more. But don’t forget to keep in mind the classics, like engraving jewellery or getting their initials sewn into a towel. The choice is yours, depending on the type of relationship that you have with her. For instance, a monochrome purse is perfect for your best friend, while an engraved necklace might be a better option from her boyfriend.

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Fun Experiences

If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone that’s quite sentimental then your best option is a lasting memory. This can also be a really good gift for anyone who has an adventurous side. Not to mention the fact that it gives them something to look forward to once Christmas is over. That’s always a bonus. Whether you spend a relaxing afternoon at the hot springs, or an adrenaline pumping morning jumping out of a plane, they’re sure to really appreciate these presents.


Spa Indulgence

There’s an array of different packages to choose from at Crown, ranging from $400 to $850, depending on how extremely luxurious you want the service to be for her. Though no matter what, she’ll feel absolutely pampered from head to toe with any of these treatments. Each package includes various mixes of different types of facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, and a wash and blow wave for the hair. If you know that she’s been feeling stressed lately and she could do with being pampered, then this is the perfect gift. Or this can be a romantic gift if you want to turn it into a couples spa day.


Spa Indulgence


Ecoya Candles

Soy wax scented candles are the perfect gift. Whether it’s for your mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, or even an extended family member, they’re sure to love this. These fragrances are all unique to Ecoya and are made with 100% cotton wicks. The wax is then carefully poured around the wick in a glass jar for perfect presentation. While these candles are luxurious, they also have a natural respect for nature. Their waxes are proudly bio-degradable and create significantly fewer carbon emissions than the paraffin counterparts. This allows them to have a longer burn time, making them a grade A candle, that’ll make a special gift for a loved one. 



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