Victoria Beckham’s Neon Green Heels

Razor-sharp neon green heels like Victoria Beckham‘s don’t go unnoticed on the street. They’re by Balenciaga, after all. We doubt she stayed incognito while shopping at Violet Grey in Hollywood with friends. Victoria wore a classic white tee tucked into black, cuffed boyfriend jeans and held onto a long, leather clutch. She accessorized with her signature visor-top sunglasses and some gold jewelry, making for a laid-back look. Well, laid-back, that is, until you rest your eyes on her shoes. Adding a pop of color by way of footwear is a styling trick Victoria mastered long ago, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a single shade she’ll kick to the curb.

We have to say, we were a little shocked to see her choice of electrifying kelly green, but we kind of love that she’s willing to add a playful touch to her otherwise sophisticated wardrobe when she feels like it. Isn’t that what fashion’s all about — conveying a mood? And yup, Victoria’s pumps are certainly a mood. If you’re into them and you want to shock passersby just like the stylish designer, we rounded up a bunch of options for you ahead. Scroll for another glimpse at Victoria’s shopping trip, then pick up her style.

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